COVID-19 Response: supporting community during difficult times

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives. Within in multicultural communities, there is increased fear and anxiety about the health and wellbeing of their families and loved one overseas. While the government has provided a lot of information, some of it is not easily accessible to our communities partly due to language barriers simply because they do not know where to find the information. The closure of schools and the remote learning/home schooling program has compounded the challenges faced by parents. Many parents were ill-prepared for remote learning/home-schooling.

In response to community concerns, YFSN organised a series of online seminars to share information and support community members.

Youth & Family seminar series

  • Back to school- Virtual learning/home schooling – support for parents and children
  • Managing your mental health during COVID-19 (webinar series)
  • Back to Uni: Supporting university students to manage mental health
  • Managing your finances and home budgeting during COVID-19
  • Family violence – awareness and what you can do
  • Supporting your business during COVID-19: what support is available for you?
  • Your mortgage: what does all the changes mean for you?