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Tidio is an easy-to-use chatbot software for your WordPress website. It’s a free tool that comes with over a dozen templates for recovering abandoned carts, offering discounts and promotions, and collecting leads. Chatbots might not replace traditional support agents anytime soon, but the progress is impressive. Depending on how much work you put into your chatbot and what service you use, the experience itself can be fun and not frustrating for users. However, there’s a big gap in the experience between using a correctly set up chatbot and one that isn’t.

  • If you’re looking to implement one for your website, you need to do it properly – the right service is essential.
  • Furthermore, BotCopy is easy to use, even for those with little technical knowledge.
  • Although the customers can accomplish those tasks within a few clicks, bots will send reminders and updates automatically.
  • You will certainly be able to create beautiful and attractive chat boxes, which your customers will not mind appreciating and looking at while waiting for their response.
  • It can easily transfer the conversation to human agents when customers need more assistance.
  • Joinchat is a chatbot plugin for WordPress that provides businesses with a range of features to improve customer engagement and support.

When it comes to customer service, you may be concerned that chatbots could damage your reputation or reduce the quality of support you provide. However, chatbots can help you streamline and improve customer service by employing AI technology. Customers’ desire to communicate with brands via chatbots is on the rise, according to a number of recent surveys. Choosing the best WordPress chatbot plugin helps to optimize customer service costs. By investing in chatbots, you can save extra costs that otherwise go into hiring more support resources. WordPress chatbot refers to chatbot plugins that help businesses to automate interactions with prospects to increase user engagement and drive revenue.

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WordPress has become a global phenomenon since its launch in 2003. It is said that 27% of the Internet is powered by WordPress, meaning 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress. To add the chatbox, you’ll need to add a script to your WordPress website.

  • It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that helps to quickly identify frequently used words and help your customers with simple inquiries.
  • Learn how to build and test your first chatbot using Landbot’s user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and preview feature.
  • In addition to the simple and powerful chatbot builder, Chaport provides a live chat solution.
  • With its easy plug-and-play installation, no configuration is required.
  • As customers are looking for a simple, convenient process, any additional steps hurt your user experience.
  • In this article, we’ll break down the difference between chatbots and live chat.

Crisp is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that integrates with your WordPress website. Its integration plugin is available free of cost on ChatBot is also a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that lets you integrate one of its plans with your WordPress website. Tidio is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that comes with paid plans. You can buy one of its plans and integrate it into your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins

Considering the website, most people are using WordPress as a content management system. Using the WordPress website, some plugins are used in the website in certain ways that can make your work easier in maintaining the website to the fullest. Real-time insights enable a better understanding of customer behavior. Link your chatbot with the official WhatsApp API to stand out from the competition. Achieve natural dialogue with the customers through intelligent algorithms. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly, and there are many exciting possibilities for its future use.

chatbot wordpress

As the name implies, when you use a chatbot, you’re not talking to a real person, but to a ‘robot’. However, you don’t need a blog to benefit from GPT-3 technology. If you have an online store, you could use a ChatGPT WordPress plugin to quickly create product descriptions or sales copy. Overall, the technology can be useful for any kind of written content. It uses the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) technology to interact with users in a conversational way. Overall, WordPress chatbots can force purchaser engagement, enhance aid, grow conversions, and keep time and expenses for groups.

WordPress ChatBot Integration Plugins 2023

Off the top of my head, it was sent by a customer service chatbot about 50% of the time – an automated system that can cope with clients’ queries 24/7 and ease your burden. We hope this article helped you to find the best chatbot plugins for WordPress in 2022. If you’re using any of these plugins for your website, then please share your experience in the comment section below. We’ve discussed the 11 best WordPress chatbot plugins along with their features and pricing.

  • To put it another way, think of a chatbot as a small guide that helps customers navigate your website’s content.
  • Watson handles complex customer needs, meaning there are fewer instances of customers coming across error messages or clarifying responses.
  • The web host you choose to power your WordPress site plays a key role in its speed and performance.
  • You can change the color of the live chat button/widget, chat message, font color, backgrounds, etc.
  • Besides, you can also share your experience of adding chatbots to your WordPress website.
  • In short, a well-designed chatbot increases conversion rates, retention rates, and increase productivity.

And to do that, you should ensure that the provider offers the latest technology, extensive functionality, and great onboarding support, including tutorials. You should also pay attention to the features that come with each platform. Since you now know which chatbots are the best for WP websites, it’s time to briefly explain how you can incorporate an AI chatbot plugin for WordPress to your site. This chat plugin for WordPress lets you choose from over 50 templates and enable your website visitors to set up appointments by providing them with a calendar. As customers choose dates, they will automatically get recorded into your Google Calendar.


These are a few of the benefits of using chatbots on your website. With that, in our next section let’s look at some of the best chatbot plugins that you can find for WordPress. Hence, in this article, we’ll show how you can easily add a chatbot to your WordPress website. Here, we’ll walk you through some of the popular WordPress chatbot plugins and show you how you can use those plugins to add a chatbot to your website. IBM Watson Assistant is one of the most interesting chatbot options you can use for your website.

chatbot wordpress

Besides, it’s essential to organize and work on each question individually because there is an overflow of information being received. Therefore, all of your data will be organized in one palace and easily accessible. You can download the free version of this integration plugin by Smartsupp from or its official site as well. Further, it also dramatically enhances the interaction with your visitors. Whereas, a person trying to respond to a dozen inquiries at once would be overwhelming.

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Lastly, it’ll ask you how you would like to welcome your visitors when they first visit your website. You can choose the option from the list and can also customize that message the way you want to. Followed by clicking on the button, it’ll start the basic configuration of your live chat.

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SiteSaga is a free online resource to help you create a successful website. We offer easy tutorials and guides about creating websites, improving, and making money online. Lastly, once you’ve activated the toggle bar, make sure you visit your website and see whether the chatbot widget has been added to your website or not. You’ll find the widget at the bottom right corner of your website. After that, it’ll redirect you to the My Chatbots list and you can find there your very first chatbot created for your website.