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However, it can be activated and disabled at will. So, players who are not too eager to quit the game can live in the competition and raise the winnings almost indefinitely. The highest winnings were obtained in the game by players who were quick to the Cash Out. With the help of the scale, you can choose how much money you want to win in the round, while the maximum number of coins that can be bet is 1. If you ever lost money on a round of the Aviator game, no problem!

  • At the end of each round, the bankroll is split in the proportion of the bet made by the players who did not redeem bets at the end of the round.
  • The use of the same procedure is called the Betting period.
  • This is similar to all other online casinos, where the game ends with a profit.
  • But since the coefficient grows, you will lose.
  • Online casino is an excellent variant of the traditional casino.
  • So, there is no need to waste time and bandwidth on downloading the game.

First, you can register directly on the website. You can also choose to play with the help of cash transfer from your bank account. In the bank, you will need a debit card with Visa, MasterCard or Maestro, or a bank transfer to IBAN account.

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DoubleDown Casino is an online casino based out of New Jersey, USA. DoubleDown Casino is one of the better U.S. based gambling websites on the net. The site offers a varied portfolio of games, including slots, scratch cards, instant win games and jackpot slots.

  • You can select any percentage of the stake for the round to play, but the maximum stake is 10$.
  • We will provide you with one to play only on your browser.
  • In the game you can also play for real money.

The game does not require an Internet connection, so this can be done even if you are offline. All the records are saved and can be viewed later. Aviator India offers 24/7 customer service to all their players. This means that players can place bets on their mobile phone, tablet, computer, or even the web browser.

Aviator: Your Adventure Awaits

All the players can place bets from [1_TEXT].01 to $100. The Aviator game has flexible settings that allow the player to make bets in hundreds. The player can choose a specific currency when placing the bet. For example, in the game, the player can opt for the United States dollar as a virtual currency. Players are not forced to play with the dollar, but this choice can be very convenient in practice.

  • If you find the game interesting, then, of course, you can decide to make a deposit.
  • In every round and until you win, the multiplier grows.
  • The player is reminded of the classics of this genre of gambling, where you have to guess which card is the best one.
  • You can begin playing only after making a deposit of at least $10.
  • These cheaters are often the winners of the rounds.

For example, the bonus will be given to the account in practice mode. You can get the bonus for free spins, or to receive additional bets with additional bonuses. You can get a bonus for free games, or to receive additional bets with additional bonuses. If you are a new user, you should not play the game, because the bonus is only for the account that is created after the game is launched. The main purpose of the Aviator online casino is to keep everybody interested in the game. Indeed, the main goal of the game is to give you the opportunity to grow the multiplier.

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And if you are interested in it, then online casinos Aviator is the right place to find new and interesting games. The following example shows the implementation of the method of the present invention in the casino game, Aviator. The player loses a bet at the chosen multiplier if the multiplier stops growing. Aviator are simple: place your bet, keep your grip on the plane, and get ready for a takeoff. The coefficients for the coefficients 1x, 2x, 3x and 6x are 7, 14, 21 and 35.

At the beginning of the game, the coefficient was set at 2x to 1.5x, which is very high. Now it is just 1.5x, which is enough to make a win. There are a number of online casinos offering the Aviator game.

  • Concerning its design and development process, the game went through a long and meticulous process of enhancing its functionality.
  • The bonus is equal to the bonus multiplier (the coefficient in the round where the coefficient stopped growing).
  • You will be asked to specify an amount, and from this point the gameplay begins.
  • The odds are quite different and range from good to downright low.

After the successful beta testing of Aviator, the first official launch of the game took place on October 23, 2015. Since then, Pragmatic Play has been developing the game and improve it’s functions. Currently it’s available for use in more than 30 online casinos around the world.

Aviator: Your Path to Rewards

In it, different types of artificial intelligence are applied and tested. A ludocracy and a democratic mode are available. In the democratic mode, you should add your nickname to the players list. All the interested players can see the nickname of the players who have expressed interest to be a part of the democratic process. The democratic process ends at the moment when the player with the highest coefficient is removed. It is not necessarily the player with the highest amount of funds in his account.

And, the results of each round are very different. To play the Aviator Game, you need to open the desired account on the website of a high-quality online casino, and start playing. By the way, it is advised to choose a serious player, so that the game will be interesting and not just a waste of time.

Join the Winners

You need to download the game from the casino site. The graphics of the game are simple, but pretty appealing. The coloring of the scenery is very clear and nicely matches the gambling atmosphere. The sounds of the game are also noticeable and add a pleasant atmosphere, but not annoying.

  • Do not leave a problem and expect to receive the support here.
  • Bonus round – you have a chance of cashing out with the bonus round.
  • The commission remains in the player’s account until it is completed.
  • You can play a round with the same coefficient and feel your rank, and the best among all players.
  • When you bet, you create a prize and get money.
  • Thus, even if you are not playing, you are still in a position to receive an income.

If you like, you can also use the multiplier and enter a bet. For example, when the multiplier is 1000x, the bet will be multiplied by 1.2. This kind of betting is a way to raise the profit of the game.

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They also use a slot machine simulator, which is an automated slot machine. Fixed-Pay Slots – Fixed-Pay Slots are the same as their name suggests. The only difference is that the payouts are fixed, so players know what they are going to receive on every spin. Progressive Slots – Progressive Slots are similar to fixed-pay games. Remember that the best online casino has a different amount of bonuses.

Aviator: Where Winning Is Everything

If the current round is fair, the game will start. The player’s winnings are displayed below, and the user can switch the active game as many times as he wants. Notification will be shown when the player wins and loses, and he can not just quickly switch to another game.

The player can play the round by pressing the ‘Play’ button. If you do not want to play the round, you should press the ‘Cancel’ button. The bonus consists in the ability to multiply the bet by 2-3 times, which gives you up to 5 times earnings.

Reel in Excitement

If, for example, you did not find the right moment to press the buyback button, you lost. But if you managed to perform a successful takeoff, the game ends and you win. And if, instead of going to the moon, the plane flies away, then there is an interesting, but temporary, twist. The coefficients that were generated for a round of the game are not generated randomly again. They will be generated based on the prices of previous rounds.

The Slot Spectacle

Aviator online slot is a game in which the player is allowed to take part in the round for the first time. The goal of the player is to increase the height of the plane and not allow the landing to take place at a lower level. The game sounds simple, but only the best players will be able to earn money, because the price of the stake is high! Discussion of the game is often in the topic. By the way, its creators are ready to develop a separate guide on how to choose a good casino online.

Every game that you play can change the bet values. The changes can happen in any moment of the game. There is a bet value in the lobby, that you can set in the game. You can change it from 1x to 2x or 3x or any value that you prefer. Placing a bet is fast and easy with the online sportsbook. The online sportsbook review focuses on the Aviator online sportsbook.

The main difference is that there is no hand and player cards. The key difference is that the game is based on the calculation of a certain coefficient, which is increasing with the height of the plane. In this game, the coefficient is random, meaning that the game is completely fair and the player can not win at all. The game can also be played on Android and iOS phones, tablets and tablets, in addition to desktop computers.

The current version of the game uses libpng 1.5.30 and VLC 2.0.3. The game logic uses SDL 2.0.4 and OpenAL 1.1.5. The graphics are created with SDL_image 1.3.0. Some online casinos have allowed players to bet with the best spread. This, in particular, is the third method of winning in the game.