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This journey might not be easy, but patience will be your most important asset throughout this journey. When you’re trying to rebuild a healthy life, you need all the support you can get. Learning from people who have been through the same struggles as you, and sharing your experience with others will bring a positive impact on your life. You might be struggling to open up to your friends or family about how you feel.

rebuilding life after addiction

Hosted by Justin Franich and Robert Grant we aim to provide encouragement and a community to aid in your growth as you rebuild your life after addiction. Place your trust and hope in the Lord, rely on the support of loved ones and your community, and continuously strive to live a life that reflects the love and grace of Christ. A person in recovery for drug addiction looks out from a substance abuse treatment center in Westborough, Mass. It can damage relationships, hinder career prospects, and cause financial and legal problems. It can also impact your physical, emotional, and mental health. Drugs and alcohol rewire the brain in ways that make quitting difficult.

How do I find a job after recovery?

But in a pattern researchers say is common, Mable-Jones’ illness eventually eased. She found treatment that worked and has lived drug-free for more than 20 years. Less visible are the people who survive the illness and rebuild their lives.

The first step in the recovery process is stopping drug use. The endpoint is voluntary control over use and reintegration into the roles and responsibilities of society. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, yoga, cycling, pilates, joining a gym, or a team sport, exercise can take things to a whole rebuilding life after addiction other level. Another reason to start exercising is to meet others dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, which will help support your newly found healthy habits. After leaving rehab, it is crucial to cut ties with all previous substance abusing and addicted friends from the past.

How To Rebuild a Healthy Life After Drug Abuse

Now she’s a homeowner, she started a small business and says life is “awesome.” Addiction can make you focus on the past or worry about the future. It’s important to focus on the present moment and appreciate what you have.

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FA Cup: Former Cambridge United forward Liam Hughes on addiction and self-harm.

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This can be challenging because it’s hard to recognize or establish your limitations. For instance, some of the people with whom you were close before addiction entered the picture may never be as close to you again. It’s important to avoid over-extending yourself in order to force things to go back to “normal”. Also, avoid letting such disappointments negatively affect you. It’s easy to become discouraged and stop moving forward when situations like this occur.

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

It’s personal motivation, which you can find in your career, family, spirituality, or hobby. In addition to individual therapy, family therapy can be beneficial for mending ties and rebuilding relationships that may have been damaged during the addiction. Remember, your loved ones can be an important source of motivation and purpose as you continue your recovery journey.

  • If nothing else, it will guarantee that you always have someone to talk to if you ever need it.
  • Fortunately, there are some organizations that can help you regain your confidence by living an independent life.
  • Sustaining behavior change until new patterns become ingrained is difficult under the best of circumstances.
  • Although the road to recovery can be long for everyone involved, it’s possible to make amends with those you might’ve hurt or lost in the past due to SUD.
  • For example, years of drinking alcohol can cause significant damage to the stomach lining, causing nausea, loss of appetite, indigestion, and stomach pain.
  • It’s personal motivation, which you can find in your career, family, spirituality, or hobby.

At first, you believe that you are able to limit how much you take and stop when you decide to stop. As long as you do not pick up a drug, and you keep working towards your goals, you will get better and better at achieving more in life than you ever imagined. Research suggests they often thrive in long-term recovery, reconnecting with family and enjoying economic success.